about timmo

Timmo first started practicing yoga as a child when he would imitate his father doing Halasana and Salamba Sarvangasana in the living room.  “Dad just got down on the carpet and would launch into a pose.  He didn’t know the names but his asana was perfect: well grounded, straight lines, sharp angles.”  In college Timmo majored in East Asian History and World Literature and travelled to Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong where he studied many of the Taoist and Buddhist texts including the Tao de Ching by Lao Tse and The Analects by Confucious.   After teaching English and studying Chinese for two years in Taiwan, Timmo returned to the U.S. to raise his family and co-found the legendary Peace Train Child Care and Wild Flower Sanctuary in Marquette, Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior.

Amazed with the growth of his children, Josiah, Nellie, and Perhansa, and fascinated by the pine trees & wildflowers, he began to study science and eventually was graduated with his second bachelors degree in Biology and Biochemistry.  This led to a career in pathology as a cytologist during which time Timmo worked to detect disease processes at their earliest emergence.  Over the years he coincidentally observed how his fellow health care professionals suffer from lack of exercise, poor diet, and stress.   “There is a disconnect in our hospitals where you have hard-working, compassionate nurses, doctors, and technicians doing things to themselves that they would never recommend to their patients.”    

At this point, Timmo decided to explore the preventative side of health care. He rekindled his interest in yoga, began a regular practice including daily, morning sun salutations, and completed the 200 hour teacher training program at Moksha Yoga in Chicago. 

Timmo has gone on to study Prajna Yoga with Tias and Surya Little and has completed their 500 hour level 1 & level 2 trainings.  Timmo has taught at Yoga Roots Studio in Petoskey, Michigan, at Bay Health Fitness in Harbor Springs, Michigan, and currently teaches daily classes at the Chicago Athletic Clubs, including the Saturday morning class at their newest club in Lincoln Square.  He is delighted to share his practice with others and is motivated by all students of yoga.  He is very grateful to the following teachers for their intelligence, skill, and inspiration:  Daren Friesen, Kim Wilcox, Michael McColly, Kerri Noto, Lewis Waddle, & Nick Beem.   These teachers have taught Timmo about the incredible transformative potential each of us have in the simple gifts of our presence, touch, voice, and spirit.  To this end, Timmo teaches not only perfection of form, but also the strength and integrity of connection and co-operation.

Timmo's Curriculum Vitae